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The only Legendary Baul and the last of the real Bauls of Bengal, (Lineage Baul) Nabani Das Khyappa Baul

These 6 songs made Baul famous worldwide, these songs and the tune are from Babukisha's lineage and his family. Most Bauls now sing them but have no idea who the author is, which is really sad. In some ways it is a cultural appropriation and watering down of this one and only Baul Lineage.

His grandfather Sri Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul wrote the lyrics to "Ghole Male Ghole Male," "Bhalo Kore Porga Schoole," and "Menka Mathay Delo" all written by Nabani Das Baul and music composed by him. 

In recent times they were made super famous by the one and only "legendary Baul of our time Purna Das Baul" who is 

Babu kishan's fATHER and Nabani Das Baul ELDEST son these songs were recorded by Indian Cinema's legendary music directors of "Hindustan Records which was the first official Indian Music Company in India." 

These 3 music directors were Bengali's, Pan kaj Mallick, Timir Baran, Raichand Boral, famous music directors recorded Purna Das Baul an award winning India Vocalist and Great Baul singer. These music directors respected Nabani Das Baul, they were his friends and well wishers. 

20x Ghole Male Ghole Male was recorded 20 X worldwide and 18 of those times it was recorded 18X by Babukishan and everytime it was recorded it was a hit. 

Today this song is sung by all Bauls without any of them giving credit to the Baul who wrote it Nabani Das Khyapa Baul or made it famous Purna Das Baul. It seems they do not know or they do not care because most just want to be Purna Das Baul.

None of these songs are Bengali folk songs they are Baul songs from a many thousand year old lineage and should be treated with respect not songs to be sung on singing shows or in Movies without any understanding of where they came from or who wrote the songs?

TWO OTHER Nabani Das Baul songs ARE Hridmjhare Rakhbo, and Kichhu Din Mone Mone. Both of these Nabani Das Khyapa Paul songs were recorded in the 1960's by Hindustan Records. 

1. Ghole Male Ghole Male
Nabani Das Baul song or poetry written by Nabani Das Baul.

The Ektara's in the picture are hand made by Babukishan himself and he is playing the dolak in this version of Gole Mali Gole Mali. I have to find a copy of this song. It disappeared.

2 . Jemon Beni, written by Rasaraj Gosai

(Nabani Das Baul's uncle) Rasaraj Gosai was a prominent Sanskrit ORALscholar and Baul poet in Bengali history. Never married and the greatest tantric and tantric poet. Music composed by Nabani Das Baul and singing by Purna Das Baul who is the first to record this Baul poetry. I just want to let you know this is not a Bengali folk song, none of these songs are folk songs they are Baul songs Spiritual songs. These songs are a deep meditation and Sadhana and are a discourse with a  deep philosophical meaning.

3. Bhalo Kore Porga Schoole

Nabani Das Baul song and tune, it is a song about about Sri Chaitanya mahaprabu, and Nityanada and Chaitanys's Revolution of Love and Baul Kirtan. 

The Vaishnava Bauls made this revolution famous because they are the original Das and Dasi, it was Nitai who taught Baul song and dance to Chaitanya. Gaudiya Math and Iskcon high-jacked Baul kirtan and song and dance distorting this tradition  There is something that people need to understand Chaitanya was not a poet or Baul he was a scholar, it was Nityananda and his lineage going back thousands of years that were the poets, philosophers, the original Hare Krishna singers and dancers. 

Nityananda was an ancestor of this Lineage he was an Avadhuta Baul from Ekkachakra so where these ancestors they were born in Ekkachakra and surrounding areas.

4. Menka Mathay Delo
Nabani Das Baul song and tune.

5. (Another of Nabani Das Baul songs (WRITTEN BY) is Hridmjhare Rakhbo, from this lineage ONLY) 
Singing Babukishan

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