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Monday, November 7, 2011

Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul Haridwar India 2007

Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul

Babukishan singing at BhartSeva Ashram in Haridwar India 2007

Legendary Manju Das Baul singing

Very rare recording of the legendary Manju Das Baul, she was Babukishan's mother and the very first Baul women to travel outside of India. She played at all the top concerts halls around the world including The Royal Albert Hall and Carnagie Hall.. in front of thousands of people.. She is legendary, her story is legendary, today anybody can call themselves legendary, Manju Das Baul was the first person to record Lalon Fakir songs... she was always interested in preserving Lalon Fakir songs as she was from Bangladesh when it was part of India. A Baul should be brilliant, a they speak sanskrit.. their mind should be very sharp. There are very few Bauls left in this world.

The Bauls were most respected in the highest circles.... Indira Gandhi respected Purna Das Baul as he was the son of Nabani Das Baul her Baul teacher @ Vishwa Bharti University in Shantiniketan (Rabindranath Tagore's University) Indira was a close personal friend of Babukishan's mother Manju Das Baul

Nabani Das Baul was a great friend of Indira Gandhi's father Jawahar Nehru. On Nehru's invitation Nabani Das Baul sang all over India in front of millions of people when India became a republic. Nabani Das Baul was considered the top state ...artist (singer) for Bengal.. and after him his son Purna Das Baul was the state artist of Bengal. They are what you would call what Baul should be GENIUS.. Yogi's who produced a body of work and poetry they were intellectual... and amazing Bauls from an the oral tradition...they knew their songs and the discourses that went with the songs.. they were sanskritists..

Bhupen Hazarika a friend of this Baul lineage. 

I have so enjoyed listening to Babukishan reminisce about all the times he spent with Dr Hazarika.. from his early years to college to New York. Although Hazarika was much older than Babu, Babu loved his intellectual way, and Bhupen Hazarka loved Babu encouraging him, supporting him and reminding Babu that he was an extraordinary musician and musical poetic genius...
Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul and Bheupen Hazarika in the 80' Calcutta..