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Monday, June 27, 2011

Das, Dasi and Khyeppa/ Khyappa/ Khyappi Ma for females..

"Mirror of the Sky" first published in 1969 "Mirror of the Sky" is the name Rabindranath Tagore gave Sri Nabani Das Baul... Sri Nabani Das Baul is the first Baul to popularize Baul, and introduce Bauls to the world.......this is the lineage of Das and Dasi Baul. If you see this next to a Bauls name the Baul should come from this lineage.. Also Khyeppa or Khyappa.. as that is also the name Rabindranath Tagore gave to Nabani Das Khyappa Baul...

The Mystic Bauls sings,
"My skin and bone are turned to gold...
when the inner man and woman meet...
when Krishna and Radha become one...
My skin and bone are turned to gold...
...I am the reservoir of love...
       as the waves."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baul song from this lineage

A thief fell upon the master's garden.
The master is absorbed in sleep.
The darwan hes kept the key. ( Darwan is the watchman.. the security)

The thief is so clever that
leaving the owner alone,
he catches hold of the darwan

He says, "Give me the key, fellow, otherwise you'll gasp for breath--
you'll go secretly to court."

The thief, finished with everything, goes there-to Khaepa Syam Sundor's garden.

Krishna is sometimes called the "thief of love"; Hari actually implies "one who steals"-the heart and soul being understood. The garden He is stealing from in the song is the human body which is controlled by an ego wrapped in the materialistic sleep of the senses. The Thief knows the gatekeeper (darwan), the mind, has kept the key, and bullies him to hand it over, even threatening him with justice since he has abused his position. Then the Thief goes away to the poet's "garden."

Baul song written by Sri Nabani Das Khyappa Baul.. this song belongs to this lineage.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Krishnendu Das Baul aka Babukishan

Already Famous as "Krishnendu Das Baul in Bengal" as a composer, poet, film maker, promoter, personal composer and organizer for his father "Purna Das Baul's" career.. Although Krishnendu had already been working for years in Bombay in Bollywood (Indian Cinema) he was still living in Kolkata and traveling back and forth. He left Kolkata in 1989 and changed his name to Babu Kishan so that he could start new and that he did. 

He was R D Burman's assistant for 13 years up until R D Burmans death and while in Mumbai he composed 150 musical scores for Indian Cinema and 44 albums for top musicians and singers in Bollywood.

Some people in Bengal are now just realizing Krishnendu Das is Babukishan. If you have been wondering where Krishnendu Das Baul went and have tried to contact him over the years but were told by his Kolkata family "that they did not know where he is??? or that he was too busy??? or we do not have his telephone number??" please feel free to contact him at

The complete story will come in his upcoming book.. The Life of Babukishan...Baul unplugged..
Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul is currently living in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Cananda... but will be back to India soon....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul on Kolkata little TV

Baul Mystic Tantra vs Neo Tantra as Sex...

Tantra mantra yantra vs Tantra as Sex.....

I was having a conversation with BabuKishan this morning about this description of Bauls that says,

"Many of them ( Bauls) practice a type of psycho-physical manipulation or tantric yoga which emphasizes control of sexual union, the purpose of which is to enable the couple to achieve a break with phenomenal existence, to escape the endless
cycle of death and regeneration, and to achieve a state of eternal stability or samadhi. This practice involves the retention of semen during intercourse and the ingestion of bodily secretions...

This is not the focus of what aBaul is?? There is nothing wrong with this description of Sacred Sexuality, however, you will see this over and over like a broken record as if this is the only focus, of what Baul is, it is not. There are many false things written about the Bauls, it is really difficult to get to the truth or to know who is a real Baul. If this is all writers seem to write about Baul then Baulswill be extinct faster than thought.
(Brajabala Dasi (Babukishan's beloved Grandmother who raised him until he was 8, she passed on much of the lineage to Babu from birth
until she passed when Babu was about 40 years of age... she was very much a guru to him.)

Baul is a beautiful ecstatic mystical bhakti lineage and most of the PHD holders took their research from this lineage in which they have been given only a very limited pointof veiw. This is an oral tradition it is almost impossible for an outsider to try to teach what Baul is because it is more indepth than what appears to the eye? Baul can only be taught by a lineage Baul. It takes years and years if not a lifetime to learn Baul philosophy, Baul songs, Baul poetry, it is not simple or easy. Just as real Yoga is not simple or easy. The Tantra Bauls practice has nothing to do with the Neo Tantra of the West. Baul is a mystical shamanic tantra sadhana not sexo magic, it is an internal sadhana. It is about learning what is inside, a sort of Daoist qigong. I hear people focus on the sex part over and over, the four moon practice, deha sadhana, is not the focus of what a Baul is. I call the Bauls 'The Rasa Lila Mystics' because they capture the (Rasa) or juice and hold it inside of themselves, they distill or grind this juice into Love, they keep what works and grind and polish it into a beautiful play.

Bauls are poets, philosophers, singers, dancers, they are not 'afflicted by the wind,' they are wind catchers, they practice what they call 'vayu dharma' or pranayama. The are only mad wild crazy for the divine, they worship Radha and Krishna in their heart, in their soul.
(Sri Nityananda of Ekkchaka Bengal India was a lineage Baul and is a descendant of Babukishan's lineage, there has been so much
distortion about who he was by New Age Vaishnava reformers who have tried their best to degrade the Bauls and write them out of the history of West Bengal as degenerates. The lineage Bauls from Birbhum are the origins of Vaishnavism in Bengal India. They are the original Hare Krishna singers and dancers of Bengal India thousands of years before this new Vaishnava movement began.)

Baul is about 'Love and Devotion' Bhakti Yoga and deep sadhana, the real Bauls spoke Sanskrit as this is the way the oral traditions are transmitted, they sing their songs in Bengali so the villagers can understand, because the villages did not necessarily speak sanskrit. The Bauls appear very simple but in actual fact they were way more intelligent than any western British educated scholars, their memories were astronomical as they had recorded in their minds all the stories of yoga, upanishads, stories of Krishna and Radha.)
(Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul is a lineage Baul who is the first Baul to receive a modern education with a BA in Indian Philosophy, MA Indian Music from Kolkata University, he is the first Baul to be a monk in the Ramakrishn order. He is the first Baul to compose fusion music, the first Baul to live in North America. He is the first Baul to be a successful composer, and filmaker in Indian Cinema. First to be a Music Composer producing over 150 musical scores and 44 albums. He is fluent in Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, English and a number of other languages including the stories of his oral living lineage of Baul. Nobody ever thought a Baul would live in North America or read what people are writing about Baul, well Babu can read and he is here to set the record straight.)

Because of this repeated nonsense as stated in the first paragraph most writers copy and paste or do not ever write that Bauls are poets, philosophers of all things Indian, that they worship Radha and krishna in their hearts, that there is a lineage of Bauls going back to and originating thousands of years before Sri Nityananada of Ekkchaka West Bengal India, Jai Nitai who was Sri Chaitanya's best friend.
(Baul Saint, and Baul Guru Sri Nabani Das Baul, he is the Baul who inspired Rabindranath Tagore, This is a picture used of him on the album Bengali Bauls the Big Pink from the Woodstock recordings, the Bauls never recieved a penny from this album that became famous??)

Sri Nityananda also called Nitai was a Baul, an exalted Avadhuta, history was rewritten by modern day writers who were mostly orthodox or scholars who were not from inside the tradition. The stories of this lineage are within the songs of the lineage this is what an oral living lineage is, it is not a book translated lineage. Book translations are usually distorted because most writers have a personal opinion or are on a mission for something, be it devotee's, preaching, temples or money from the sale of the books??

We are writing books to preserve all this and set the record straight but it is not an easy task and will perhaps take years. Our personal mission is to preserve what we can of this tradition and keep it as close to the truth of what a Baul is as written by a lineage Baul, someone from a very long lineage of Baul who is not a new comer, someone who has already introduced the world to Baul and has promoted Baul for 40 years. Someone who is educated in the oral tradition and who also educated in the British style of education. Baul history, should come from a living lineage holder of Baul, parampara, the Bauls should have a basic understanding of who the writers were of the songs.

Nityananda from Ekkchaka West Bengal is Babu's ancestor he is the ancestor of the Vaishnava Bauls. There is very limited knowledge about this because the truth has been so distorted from modern reformers with big printing presses among other things. The Bauls message is for all people and is especially necessary to todays world but that does not mean the message should be watered down or distorted. Of course Baul also changes to adapt to the world but it is in desperate need of being preserved accurately. Anytime you hear someone associate Baul with neo tantric
sex, you can be guaranteed this person or group does not have a clue what Baul is about.
( Many call Baul Traditional Folk songs because the Bauls did not speak english and this was a category that foreigners could understand and people outside of Bengal. Please understand that Baul songs are not folk songs, their songs are spiritual songs and this particalar lineage is a lineage of Baul kirtan, many of their Baul kirtan's have been taken and used by others saying they are songs of their made up lineage but that is not so and we are archiving all the songs that belong to the Bauls, this should at least be credited to them.)
Writers are focused on sex as sex sells easily and attracts curious people.. there is a freedom this implies and it looks attractive to become a Baul, tantric sex all day, smoking ganja all day, singing, dancing and begging for money, no sadhana?? This is definitely not Baul....this is another huge distortion making the Lineage Bauls extinct.

Bauls are free birds in that they are seeking ecstatic union (yoga) with their beloved Radha and Krishna, Shiva and Kali. This takes place through their lineage songs which are seeds of higher philosophy, this is where their union comes from, you can feel it, you can hear it.. and if you do not you are not listening to a Baul. The body has the God's and Goddess's in the altar of the heart. The body is the temple of the soul, this is the tantra, this is the technique, this is their samadhi, this is their God/dess intoxication comes from, they know the technique. Baul is about high level philosophy it is not about the mundane.

Baul songs are not folk songs, they are seed songs of higher philosophy, one must know the discourses that go along with the song. Babu listens to what Bauls are singing they are either singing his family lineage songs or are singing folk songs, some sing his lineage songs but shorten them thus destroying the meaning. Babu has also heard Bauls singing Bollywood songs that have nothing to do with Baul, in and of itself there is nothing wrong with this but to call the songs Bauls songs is wrong?? A real Baul usually will not tell you anything, therefore, this is a good opportunity for the new Bauls to dress like Bauls and when a scholar or a reporter comes to Bengal they usually have interviewed a new Baul on the, "philosophy of Baul" or the reporter and scholars usually focus on one aspect.

My question who owns the truth about the Bauls 'a scholar' or 'a lineage Baul from within the lineage', who is the authority??. 'Wikipedia or a lineage Baul?' or 'PhD's' or 'Lineage Bauls??' Should the authority on Baul be the lineage, or should it be the scholars, the problem is Baul is almost extinct there are only a handful of lineage Bauls left.

(Babukshan's uncle Laxshman Das Baul or Luxman Das Baul)
It is a huge task to try to preserve this lineage, so in the meantime this leaves the door open for all sorts of nonsense. These neo Bauls like the neo Tantrics and neo Yogi's of the east and west only tell the person a very limited view of Baul from copy and paste, they repeat the same thing over and over, copy, paste, copy, paste, singing only folk songs saying they are Baul songs.
("Lineage Bauls are the origins of Vaishnavism in Bengal, they are the original Rasa Lila Mystics. They are an oral tradition as all Indian Traditions were, they are not a book tradition of modern interpretations and personal opinion. What the Lineage Bauls know has been passed down through Sanskrit, many new age Vaishnava reformers have distorted the truth about Vaishnavism in Bengal and created cults which have done more harm to the Bauls.")

It is surprising to Babu that even people he has known write the wrong stories about Bauls. Even more surprising the number of people he has taken to Bengal, talked about his lineage who have either made films or wrote books and they do not even thank him, cut him out completely and thank the western scholars. There is one professor from the USA who had him sign papers to get university grants for her to study Bauls only to cut him out completely, everybody wants funding and what a great thing to do get the funding through a lineage Baul then interview Neo Bauls who have a very limited knowledge of the Bauls??. This is very disrespectful and is creating such a distortion in the history of what Baul really is. There are very few real Bauls left, they are almost extinct. I mean really must you keep using the Bauls of India.
Tantra is shakti sadhana, tantra is the science of light, the science of life..Tantra is technique, on how everything is put together. Tranta Mantra Yantra, formula, for instance Babu is an expert of the Tantra of Indian Musicand sound the technique using a scientific formula to bring the Dieties to life through sound. Same with the Bauls their songs are their sadhana, their tantra is through their songs this is why so many people are mesmerized with the Bauls because of the thousands of years of sadhana or Lineage of having the Lineage passed on from one generation to the next through Sanskrit. How Baul got stuck on sex is perplexing??

Babu is also a master the smashan grounds, tantra, mantra, yantra, as he was born into this sadhana from his grandfather (not all Bauls are this kind of Tantric, only the avadhuta's are.) When talking Tantra in the west it is always about sex, why, because sex sells. Sex is not Tantra and selling it as such is misguided, call it sacred sex. It is really disrespectful to the Indian people when Tantra is only referred to a sexual sadhana's, Tantra is technique. Tantra is a Sanskrit word, it originates in India, so Tantra is Indian. If one wants to be a Tantric learn jyotish, sanskrit, ayurveda, mantra..Shakti Sadhana. If one wants to learn sex sacred sexuality, do not call it Baul or tantra.

Hard work and sadhana does not attract people, 12 years of sadhana with a Guru does not attract anyone. There are many Bauls smoking ganja who are addicted to it, however, their power and knowledge are gone because the ganja is smoking them. There was a time when ganja was a sacred herb it was used to cure all sort of ailments and the real authentic avadhuta bauls in deep sadhana smoked ganja, however, the ganja did not smoke them. Ganja was used for sadhana, one never depended on it.

Yes sacred sexuality is part of certain Baul practices but this is only a drop of what is real Baul, just as asana and meditation are part of Baul, a Baul does not reject anything, they embrace all knowledge yoga ect. This practice as described as being Baul at the beginning of this article is meant to be between only sadhaka and sadhika, it is only meant to be between husband and wife never shared with others, it is private in a committed relationship of soul mates and really is not central theme of what Baul is??

Babu's grandfather the legendary Sri Nabani Das Khyappa Baul used to generate so much spiritual heat he used to meditate under water on the bottom of a pond.
"Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul, modern Baul from Bengal, lineage Baul, and an Award winning Music Composer. Babukishan says, a Baul should recieve the highest of educations both in the Sanskrit, the oral tradition and modern education. This can be done, to be a Baul is to be extraordinary the challenges facing the Bauls is to be extraordinary otherwise extinction is certain."

Fakir, aul, sai, derbesh, is sufi it is not Baul, it is Fakir, Sai, Aul, Darbesh (Dervish). In the past many different groups were wandering around Bengal and they were lumped together under 'Baul', they were not Baul, however, the British had a huge disdain for all wandering people, they were treated badly and they all were called Baul, at the time even the British educated Bengali's did not understand, they were too busy trying to please the British and gain some sort of respectful life. Fakir, Sai, Aula, Dervesh and Shah are not Baul but were lumped together with the Baul for terminology sake, however the Bauls are a unique and distinct sect, the oldest lineage being the Vaishnava Bauls who were sanskrit speaking people, they are brahmin and very educated in the oral tradition.

Baul is like modern Yoga being described as Asana, gymnastics.. ect.. The Body is not the sole organ of all experience and knowledge Parampara is, the Guru is. The Guru to the Baul is the greatest, this is a 'Guru Parampara Tradition.' The oral tradition and Gurua are the means to knowledge, the oral tradition has been transmitted for thousands of years through Sanskrit, the Bhagavad Gita all knowledge of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga is the sole organ of experience. Babukishan, say's, "why come to Baul, go to sex education, why even come to Baul, do not destroy Baul by the misconceptions, mostly all Phd on Baul are completely wrong or they only have an aspect and they beat it to death. "
Baul is inner connecting to the divine in a ecstatic mystic way, it is not about outer, grab a partner try some Psycho physical manipulation, this is such a gross misconception and it is really boring and a huge insult to the authentic Bauls. To a Baul the Guru is the path, the Guru passes on all knowledge through the oral living lineage that is thousands of years old.

You can feel the universe inside of you that is Baul, as above so below. The original authentic Baul will never tell you their sadhana, only paramapara. Bauls were the newspaper before the newspaper, singing Hare Krishna every morning to the villagers as a wake up call.

© copyright all right reserved 2011 Babukishan Das Baul and Trishula Das
'Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul'..
Sanskrit Scholar, 12 years as a Vedic Monk @ the Ramakrishna Order.. 40 years
traveling worldwide promoting his ancient Oral Living Lineage.
Master of Indian Classical, Folk, Baul & Bollywood Music

Lalon Fakir was considered a great Baul Poet, most do not know that Babukishan's mother Manju Dasi Baul was the first to start to promote Lalon Fakir songs. She recorded his songs ect..

Bauls are not Gypsy's, Babu did however create an Album of Baul music called Gypsy India.

Bauls are not Gypsy's they are poets, philosophers, musicians, and lovers of the divine. In 2004 Babu Kishan recorded an album in Woodstock and he called it Gypsy India, there has been some confusion as whether Bauls were Gypsy's they are not it is the name he creatively game to his album of Baul songs.

In 2007 we were in Delhi and visited the Cultural Minister of India at his office. He used to be Babu's Economics Professor at Calcutta University and a family friend. Babu gave him a copy of his album Gypsy India, he was totally perplexed as to why Babu would call it Gypsy India, he said you are from a long ancient tradition of Baul, Bauls are way beyond, they are the highest philosophers, why would you call it Gypsy India... ?? So to make it perfectly clear Gypsy India is the name of the album, Gypsy is not Baul.
Check out the Gypsy India Myspace page.... it is both Baul and Bollywood..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not your regular Baul from Bengal.

Enjoy some of Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul's music compositions Bhajan's ect... click the link below:
Babukishan is a 9th Generation Baul trained in the oral tradition of his Baul lineage. His family are the Bauls who first brought Baul to the world and promoted Baul for the past 60 years outside of India. Many new Baul singers have followed but it is Babukishan and his family who have paved the path of Baul singers traveling the world. They introduced Baul to the world... Most new Baul singers sing songs from this lineage but do not even know that Nabani Das Baul wrote the songs they are singing. Baul is not a religion it is a path of Sanatana Dharma and its roots are very deep.

Babu is an authentic Baul who believes Bauls should be educated in this modern world. To be a Baul one needs to have a huge memory, the Vaishnava Bauls were also Sanskrit speaking people, poets, philosophers.
Baul is about being a sadhaka, an energetic avadhuta.. full of life, full of energy, full of shakti with a smile on your face....

Babukishan is a Master of Baul songs, the lineage is in his blood...he was trained from birth 24/7 and has traveled from birth carried on the back of his Grandpa around India. He is the most energetic talented musical genuis that one can meet.. He is also a Master of Indian classical, folk music and Bollywood music with over 150 musical scores to his credit.. He is a genuis and has been traveling world wide promoting Baul for the past 40 years.
BA Indian Philosophy
MA Indian Music

written by his wife.. Trishula Das

Friday, June 3, 2011

Music composed by Babukishan Das Baul sai/bhajan?Tumhare-de-pe

Music composed by Babu Kishan played in the temples and all over India 2006... Sai Baba bhjan sung by Shaan and Nikita sister of Sonu Nigam.. it was the first time either of the singers had sung a devotional song .. released by T-series.

Real with 25 top Indian musicians....